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Maintenance for Your Hardscapes

Just as it is important to keep your living plants in good shape, it’s also important to give your concrete and hardscapes some love as well. When you hire J&L Landscaping, we will do both to make sure your yard stays beautiful. 

Tasks We’ll Do:

•    Pressure washing – One of the most important aspects of hardscape beautification and maintenance is cleaning the dirt and grime off it. 

•    Removing weeds – We’ll pull the weeds from the cracks of your pavers or edges of your concrete.

•    Small repairs – If your concrete has been damaged, we’ll repair it.

•    Apply sealant – To keep your patios lasting longer, we’ll reapply sealant as necessary. 

•    General cleanings – No matter what season it is, we can always clean up around your patio and hardscapes, trimming the grass or removing dirt and debris.
Lawn care isn’t just about keeping your flowers beautiful and your grass healthy. Routine concrete maintenance will keep your yard looking beautiful as well. J&L Landscaping specializes in hardscape installation and maintenance for Kenosha, Wisconsin, yards. Call us at 262-656-0539 to schedule an appointment!