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Why Build a Concrete Retaining Wall

concrete retaining wall
Concrete retaining walls are placed strategically within any landscape for several reasons. The two main purposes of having to install a retaining wall are to serve a decorative feature and a functional one. Retaining walls offer a distinctive appearance to any landscape. The size and setup of a wall will be determined by the slope and level of the surrounding landscape. Retaining walls need to be built where the soil needs to be stopped to deter runoff.
There are quite a few other reasons why you should build a concrete retaining wall. Here are just a few.

Supports Property and Surrounding Structures

Retaining walls keep soil in place to allow foundations of structures to stay put and not crack or break apart. Over time, soil will erode in a down-slope motion by the elements such as wind and water. Retaining walls hold the soil intact, consequently protecting trees and buildings in place.

Helps to Prevent Flooding

Heavy rains pour down slopes in an uneven landscape and steadily take soil with it; this is known as erosion. Erosion can have a calamitous effect on uneven yards. Building a retaining wall is the best way to prohibit runoff.

Prevents Sinkholes

Building a proper retaining wall packs in soil and allows trees to root deeper into the earth in search of water. This inhibits sinkholes from occurring because water will fill in holes beneath the ground and escape during the dry seasons. Thus, a cavity in the ground will eventually lead to a depression and a collapse of soil on the surface.
Whether for an aesthetic charm or site maintenance, concrete retaining walls are beneficial to any property. Contact J&L Landscaping today to get a detailed estimate or to schedule a consultation.