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Reliable Snow Plow Service in Kenosha

Snow removal is a great way to minimize inconvenience when a snowstorm leaves a blanket of it to be dealt with. Few people are enthusiastic about snow plowing, though, so hiring a professional to conduct snow salting may be the best option available. J&L Landscaping offers snow clearing and removal for clients in the greater Kenosha area. If you require salting or deicing for your pavement or any other surface, we can offer the help you need. In addition to serving residential clients, we service parking lots, sidewalks and shopping centers for commercial and municipal clients. Let us take care of your snow and ice woes.
Professional Ice Salting and Deicing
snow on a driveway
Even more treacherous than snow is ice. When a layer coats the roads, it is dangerous at best and deadly at worst. Luckily, the problem can be treated through the application of salt deicer to the surface. We offer this service to residential and commercial clients who are in need of ice removal. Some of the benefits of hiring a professional include the following:
  • No need to obtain equipment
  • Reduce the risk of liability
  • Save time by outsourcing to us
Stay Safe & Prevent Injuries
Inclement weather is one of the leading causes of injury and accident, so when it snows, it’s only natural to be concerned about the effect. In addition to being a potential hazard, snow is a major inconvenience, and nobody wants to break out the shovel to plow it away. That’s why J&L Landscaping offers snow removal service to clients in the greater Kenosha area. We are the top landscape and hardscape company in the area, and as part of maintenance, we offer comprehensive ice and snow removal services. Call us at 262-656-0539 for more information on salting and deicing.